Thursday, July 3, 2014

Google Study Reinforces the Reliability of Used EMC Storage Hardware

"The study produced some very interesting, if not disappointing, results. First, it was unable to find a useful correlation between the age of a drive and its annualized failure rate (AFR) beyond the two year point. Like us, drives have a finite life and age does become a predictor years down the road. Yet observed rates in the study period were more strongly influenced by particular drive models than by the actual overall vintage. In fact, when looking at specific drive models, many had a decrease in failure rates after a spike in year 3. This went against conventional wisdom that hard disk drive failure scaled proportionally with age. Instead, data gathered showed that the AFR of hard disk drives was noticeably influenced by the infant mortality phenomenon during their first year of life, highest to the 3 month data point and receding thereafter to a low of less than 2% at the one year point. After a seemingly strange model driven jump in the period beginning the third year, the A

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