Thursday, May 29, 2014

EMC CLARiiON AX4 Ideal Midmarket SAN Storage for VMWare Deployments

Designed by the same company that publishes VMWare, the SMB-targeted member of the EMC CLARiiON line of SANs allows smaller companies to make full use of VMWare’s enterprise-level features. This gives IT departments the freedom to design their infrastructures to improve hardware utilization, increase redundancy and availability, and ease maintenance.

Using Distributed Resource Scheduler, accurate control of available physical resources allows organizations to optimize their energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs. The High Availability utility automatically detects server failures and reroutes traffic to other (working) channels. Finally, Storage vMotion can be used to migrate running virtual machines to other systems when taking a SAN down for maintenance to avoid productivity-reducing downtimes.

Monday, May 12, 2014

EMC Storage Hardware Protect Stored Company Data at an Affordable Cost

As a notable example, used or refurbished EMC storage hardware, which have a reputation in the industry for durability and reliability, can be deployed for SAN installations at a greatly reduced cost. Since SANs can be deployed without being exposed to the Internet—as a shared disk file system, for example—they can be used to store even the most important and sensitive company data without constant fear of external infiltration.

Such reasons define why businesses continue to field legacy EMC hard drives, controllers, and systems, and why companies like Tab Data Systems thrive to this day. While cloud computing services have revolutionized the industry of enterprise storage in many ways, its inability to provide the security and protection on-premises systems afford means that it will, until its security issues can be forever put to rest, remain just one tool in the enterprise storage architect’s toolbox.