Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not Just for Cars: EMC Storage Hardware Makes Hybrid Systems Possible

This need has been filled by the more widespread use of solid-state flash technology in enterprise storage systems. In fact, for the last half decade, moving all storage requirements over to solid state drives (SSDs) has been a major point of discussion among many in the IT industry. However, because enterprise-level SSDs are still relatively expensive, such a move presents companies with a difficult problem: keeping their IT acquisition budgets in check.

Fortunately, companies deploying EMC storage hardware have access to a practical solution. By taking advantage of the EMC VNX storage arrays’ ability to mix SSD drives and inexpensive old-school spin-up drives, companies can utilize hybrid arrays that provide the high input/output per second or IOPS required for processing highly active data while keeping more passive data on less expensive mechanical drives.

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