Thursday, March 13, 2014

EFD: Creating a “SOLID” foundation for EMC storage hardware with “STATE” of the art in EMC hard drives.

With virtually no moving parts unlike its predecessor, solid-state drives (SSD) are a step above the venerable hard disk drive (HDD) in terms of speed and reliability. At start-up, an SSD-equipped computer can take you to your desktop 18 seconds faster on average than one with a HDD. Though speeds vary depending on technology used, even consumer level MLC based SSDs write data a lot faster; around twice as fast as the HDD. SSD technology also provides higher mean time between failure (MTBF) than conventional spin-up drives, a testament to the benefits of no moving parts that create heat, vibration and the dreaded head crashes from shock and mechanical failures.

For the average PC user a few seconds gained may not warrant the relatively high cost per unit of storage with an SSD, but in the world of Big Data every millisecond counts. Even medium size enterprises are slowly making the shift to SSD from HDD due to promises of performance and reliability. Every second saved with faster IOPS (input-output per second), leads to increased efficiency and profits. The latest in EMC storage hardware is helping companies to do just that. But not with just any SSD.

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